Values NCOER bullets

Possesses the moral courage to always do what is right

Totally dedicated to unit, mission and soldiers; a credit to the
NCO Corps

Highly dedicated and professional NCO

Always gives 100% to ensure mission accomplishment

Exhibits high standards of behavior; a model soldier and
extraordinary leader

Committed to mission accomplishment

Outstanding problem solver; dynamic planner and organizer

Handles situation firm and fair; unequaled in promoting harmony
and teamwork

Loyal, truthful and fair

Loyal, honest and sincere NCO

A real team player; makes positive contributions

Committed to excellence and exudes quality in all actions and
assigned tasks

Unequaled loyalty; dedicated and caring leader

Focuses on mission accomplishment with superior results

Dedicated to the values and traditions of the Army

Continually demonstrates leadership and integrity beyond reproach

Innovative and determined in pursuit of goals of the Army

Professional conduct above reproach

Consistently makes things happen with positive results

Places unit’s mission, welfare, and training of his soldiers
above personal needs

Committed to the Army and the mission

Driven to succeed by self-motivation and strong sense of purpose

Integrity is unquestionable

Respected for his candor and integrity

Valued for her commitment and loyalty

Positive attitude toward mission accomplishment

Continually exhibits the highest standards of loyalty, integrity
and personal behavior

Places Army, mission and subordinates above personal interest

Personal conduct on and off duty, reflects favorably on the
NCO Corps

Puts the Army, mission and soldiers before own personal interests

Is the best Operations NCO I have ever encountered

Offers advice, but loyal to final decisions made by superiors

Stands behind principles; outwardly determined and loyal

Self-motivated; willing to go the distance

Sets the example for taking initiative and accepting

Strives for team effort in accomplishing assigned tasks

Dedicated team player who fosters esprit de corps

Dedicated to team concept

Stands for what is right

Totally professional and demands the same of his soldiers

Sincere, truthful and fair

Always places unit mission and soldier welfare first

Committed to excellence, a well disciplined NCO

Takes a positive approach; enthusiastically performs tasks

Leads by example

Instills pride and dignity in others

Displays a positive, can-do attitude

Totally dedicated to the unit’s mission ; a team player

Motivates and challenges subordinates through leadership by

Presents herself as a truly dedicated professional

Possesses high ideals, morals and ethics

Places soldier’s needs above her own

Totally dedicated; mission oriented

Has a honest, respectful reputation

Exhibits the highest standards of loyalty, and personal behavior

Displays a high degree of honesty, loyalty and integrity

A truly dedicated professional

Possesses strong moral principles and personal values

Possesses the moral courage to do the right thing

Exhibits pride in the unit; a true team player

Displayed a high degree of professionalism and demanded
the same of others

Vigorously supports equal opportunity and fairness for all

Shows a personal concern for duty

Not afraid to confront sensitive issues

Always candid; stands up for his soldiers

Dedicated to unit overall success

Sets and achieves high personal standards

Focused on mission accomplishment; always attained superior

Totally honest and fair; demanded the same of others

Fully supports equal opportunity

Exemplifies the meaning of pride and professionalism

Composed; not easily excited under stress or pressure

Exhibits the highest standards in all she does

Showed courage and determination in the face of adversity

Integrity above reproach; honesty unequaled

Enthusiastically devoted energy to mission accomplishment

Dedicated; results oriented NCO

Displayed honest concern for welfare and training of soldiers;
cares for soldiers well being

Intense dedication to the unit’s success

Makes positive supportable decisions

Fully committed to the command

Accepts responsibility for own actions

Endures and succeeds under stress and pressure

Displays a high level of pride to his organization

Dedicated to unit; sacrifices own time to ensure the job is done

Fully supported EO/EEO

Encourages honesty and values

Displays pride and dedication to the unit’s mission

Possesses unselfish dedication to duty

Exemplified the meaning of pride and professionalism

Exhibits the highest standard of loyalty and integrity

Shows courage and determination when faced with adversity

Self-motivated and resourceful

Loyal to subordinates, superiors and the unit

Takes personal pride in himself and his unit

Makes sound decisions

Can be counted on to accomplish any mission

Personal concern for duty

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