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  • Grammar Checker
  • Check for consistency of spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, and terminology issues

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Product Overview

The best writing style and grammar checker for everything you send, share, tweet or publish.

Write Like a Leader is the writing style, spelling and grammar tool developed specifically for the U.S. Army. It will help you improve the quality and accuracy of everything you write–reports, memos, emails, and more.

What makes Write Like a Leader special?Clear communication is critical in the U.S. Army. Using our extensive and unique terminology can be confusing but mistakes can have serious repercussions. We need to be sure that what we write is clear, actionable and accurate.

Write Like a Leader uses artificial intelligence to identify improvements and mistakes in your documents. It checks that you're using the correct terminology.

Write Like a Leader will help you become a better writer, building skills that will benefit you throughout your army career.


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