The Soldier Record Brief (SRB)

The Soldier Record Brief (SRB) is a multi-Component report that will be available to users as part of IPPS-A’s first release. The SRB offers HR Professionals, Leaders, and Soldiers centralized access to personnel information online and provides a snapshot of a Soldier’s military career information. The SRB will standardize and eventually replace the Enlisted and Officer Record Briefs (ERB and ORB) for all Components and will consist of eleven sections that cover the following personnel data:

  • Section I: Overseas Assignment Information
  • Section II: Career Field Data
  • Section III: Security Data
  • Section IV: Service Data
  • Section V: Personal/Family Data
  • Section VI: Foreign Language
  • Section VII: Military Education
  • Section VIII: Civilian Education
  • Section IX: Awards and Decorations
  • Section IXa: State Awards
  • Section X: Assignment Information
  • Section XI: Remarks

A Report for all Components

Although similar to the ORB and ERB, the Soldier Record Brief’s (SRB) key benefit is its applicability to all Officers, Warrant Officers and Enlisted, regardless of their Component. The SRB will accommodate data specific to each Soldier and may have certain sections that are not populated due to rank, Component, or specialty. The SRB will be particularly beneficial to multi-Component units which consist of Soldiers with personnel data stored in numerous separate personnel systems. Information specific to each Component is listed below on this Web page.

Accurate Data

Upon Release One, IPPS-A and its briefs and reports will be populated with data from current HR systems (e.g., eMILPO, SIDPERS-ARNG, and TAPDB-R). HR Professionals will continue to make updates in current personnel systems during IPPS-A’s first release in order to update associated Soldier Record Brief s (SRB). There will be no double-entry of information required in order to accurately populate the SRB as any update in a current system will be reflected in IPPS-A. Soldiers, Leaders, and HR Professionals should familiarize themselves with the new SRB template and check to ensure that their personnel information is accurate.

It is important to note that until users can make updates directly in IPPS-A, the SRB will only reflect information that is populated in current HR systems and will update based on a set refresh schedule. This schedule is set to refresh data at least once every 30 days. After Release Two is fielded, updates made in IPPS-A by the Army National Guard will populate the SRB in near real time and updates made in external systems by the Active and Reserve will refresh IPPS-A more frequently. After Release Three, authorized Active Duty and Army Reserve users will make updates directly into IPPS-A and the SRB will update in near real time.

Making the SRB the Standard

The Army has yet to determine when the Soldier Record Brief (SRB) will serve as an official document to support the Army Selection Board Process. The SRB, however, will be accessible to all users upon IPPS-A’s first release which is scheduled for no later than October 2013. Familiarization training will be available no earlier than 60 days prior to IPPS-A’s first release.

What’s Next for HR Professionals

HR Professionals will receive an Execution Order (EXORD) which will explain how to prepare for IPPS-A’s Release One and to familiarize with the Soldier Record Brief (SRB). This EXORD will include specific guidance on how to update and cleanse personnel data in current systems that will feed into IPPS-A. This process will ensure that the SRB populates accurate information for HR Professionals’ use.

Note that Release One, containing the SRB, will be initially only available to military personnel. Authorized military staff, however, will have the ability to assign Army Civilians as “Persons of Interest” and grant them access to IPPS-A by Release Two.

Information for Active Duty Users

Active Duty HR Professionals, Leaders, and Soldiers will continue to use existing systems and processes for Army Selection Boards until the Army determines the Soldier Record Brief is the official record brief for promotion and selection boards. For all transactions, Active Army HR Professionals will continue to use current HR systems to update personnel information until IPPS-A’s third release.

Information for National Guard and Army Reserve Users

Both Army National Guard and Army Reserve HR Professionals will continue to use existing systems and processes for Army Selection Boards until the Army determines the Soldier Record Brief is the official record brief for boards. Users will not have to enter data twice as data entered into current systems to populate the ERB and ORB will also populate the SRB.

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