Senior Rater Bullet Comments

Total Army asset; select for First Sergeant now

Consummate professional; promote ahead of peers;
consistently performs two pay grades above

Technically and tactically proficient; discharges duties with
complete professionalism

Soldier oriented NCO

Assign this Sergeant to teach future leaders; West Point,
ROTC any NCO academy

His knowledge base is superior; potential ins unlimited

A complete leader; one of a kind at taking care of

Displays constant loyalty to superiors

Promote now and select for ANCOC

Assign as platoon sergeant

Groom this Sergeant for Command Sergeant Major

Promote ahead of peers; a total Army asset

Potential is unlimited; outstanding leader, coach, and

Recognized as the best supply sergeant in battalion

Innovative NCO, not afraid of risks in order improve
mission results

Unlimited potential for positions of increased responsibility

Promote immediately; send to First Sergeant course

Unique and rare talent; promote now ahead of peers

A confident leader that is dedicated to ensuring his soldiers
are well trained

Epitomizes what every NCO should be; aggressive, intelligent,

Is technically and tactically proficient

Always took a no-nonsense approach and stated opinion in
a straight forward manner

Taking care of soldiers is his number one priority

Very diversified and accomplished leader and soldier

A real team player

Displays unlimited potential

This SGT has a vast amount of knowledge

Promote and make First Sergeant now; He can run his own
company now

Physically fit; in tremendous condition; will succeed

Always excels as a soldier and a leader

Willing to learn and grow

Able to handle any position; held Platoon Sergeant
and Section NCOIC position simultaneously with great

Demonstrates the potential for higher degrees of

Outstanding NCO that is truly dedicated to the unit’s

Unlimited potential; continue to assign in tough positions of
increased responsibility

Unequaled selfless service to duty

Select for First Sergeant now; groom for Command
Sergeant Major

Assign as a platoon sergeant now, his knowledge will
enhance unit’s ability to accomplish all missions

Genuine concern and unselfish dedication to duty

Exceptionally well organized and perceptive; solves soldier
problems easily

Watch this Sergeant’s career closely; he has allot of potential

Critical to the battalions flawless redeployment to CONUS

Will make an outstanding First Sergeant

Select for attendance to Sergeants Major Academy

Always succeeds in any situation

Will excel in higher positions

Promote immediately; send to 1SG Academy

Very tactful in dealing with seniors

Consistently makes independent decisions that have merit
and substance

Strongly motivated to succeed

Clearly demonstrates potential for unlimited advancement

Send to BNCOC, assign to troop leadership positions

Assign to challenging positions which require the most
of a NCO

Trains his subordinates to succeed

Promote now to Sergeant First Class ahead of peers

Has earned a record of trust, loyalty and dedication from
everyone in the battalion

Well organized and versed in investigative

Utilizes common sense and courtesy while performing duties
in a professional manner

Possesses superior personnel and administrative skills

A strong leader with the wealth of experience and knowledge

Leads by example

Works best with mission orders

Accepts nothing less than 100 percent

Outstanding performer; promote now

Extremely well organized and perceptive to the problems
and needs of subordinates

Dedicated to the mission

Can accomplish any mission

Best Drill Sergeant in Brigade

Enthusiastic NCO that should stay with soldiers

To maximize his potential; assign to positions of increased

Exceptional enthusiasm demonstrated daily

Exceptionally talented NCO who leads by example and
serves with extreme pride

Possesses great amount of integrity, sound judgment, and

Extremely conscientious and highly motivated to succeed

Stands for what is right

Puts the Army, mission, and soldiers before her own
personal needs

Exceptional devotion to Army ethics and personal values

Competent, confident, caring leader of the highest caliber

Demonstrated potential for continued excellent performance
at a higher rank

Displays strengths of an exceptional quality leader

Daily performance routinely exceeds the highest professional

Continue to place in tough, demanding leadership jobs

Select for advance NCO schooling and assign to challenging
duty positions

Demonstrates the ability to perform at the next higher grade

Aggressive competitor; takes great pride in exceeding
accomplishments of other

Professional and competent leader

Exudes self-confidence in all aspects of his work

Is relied upon to give well conceived, mature opinions and

Assumes any additional workloads regardless of size or

High level of motivation instills esprit de corps in superiors
and subordinates alike

Knowledgeable and conscientious

Sets and achieved high personal standards

Highly mature and reliable NCO

Tireless in the pursuit of mission success

His integrity, bearing and confidence is inspiring

Outstanding role model; sets the NCO standard

Assign to challenging leadership positions

Select for CSM now

Flawless and consistent performance

Leads from the front; outstanding NCO role model

Totally dedicated to excellence

Promotes harmony and teamwork

His potential is unlimited

Performance as Acting Battalion CSM was excellent

Superior performer in every respect, a strong leader

Trains for readiness and the unexpected

Possesses unlimited potential; displays untiring desire for

Unlimited potential; assign to the challenging positions
when available

Her merits deserve selection for career-development
training ahead of peers

Discharges responsibilities with complete professionalism

Adjusts well to unknown situations and accepts responsibility
for her actions

Bearing is beyond reproach

Challenge with positions of greater responsibility

Loyal, tactful and honest leader

Self starter; limitless drive and potential

Excelled in every assignment and tasking

Maintains the highest personal and professional standards

Dedicated and enthusiastic NCO with unquestionable integrity

Has the potential to perform duties as platoon sergeant

Possesses a strong and positive drive toward professional
development of platoon

Demonstrates qualities of senior NCO’s

His tactical proficiency makes him extremely reliable in all

Clearly demonstrates the ability for increased responsibility at
the platoon level

Select for ANCOC and promote immediately

This NCO needs no supervision

Consistently perform above standards; achieves outstanding

Attacks every mission with vigor and zeal

Exacting approach to work ethic; pays attention to detail

Possesses the leadership skills necessary to lead any
company on the battlefield

Demonstrates the management skills found in more
senior NCO’s

Exhibits the traits to be an effective Division Corps CSM

Conscientious, dedicated, and responsible NCO

Resourceful, adaptive and reliable NCO

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