Platoon Sergeant description on a Resume

Here is a sample of a resume write-up for platoon sergeant duty:

Senior Squad Leader / Platoon Sergeant
( Supervisor / Department Manager )

  • Served as a squad leader for a 13 man squad and subsequently as a platoon sergeant of 40 personnel.
  • Mentored and maintained accountability of soldiers within the platoon, providing positive guidance for their personal and professional development
  • Supervised inventory management functions for communications, medical and specialty equipment valued at approximately $2M; conducted a monthly inventory with a 100 percent accuracy rate during a four year period
  • Led over 300 missions during Operation Enduring Freedom; forged relationships with local leaders and trained Afghan forces to improve security and services in region
  • Planned and supervised 120 logistical movements of ten vehicles traveling over 50 miles; completed movements with no delay time and finished ahead of schedule
  • Assisted senior leadership with organizational movement of 500 personnel to and from Afghanistan; coordinated with supporting agencies to ensure all material resources were packaged in accordance with US Customs policy
  • Planned and managed over 50 projects using project management concepts; established work breakdown structures and timelines, forecasted resources and supervised overall completion of projects
  • Oversaw all aspects of platoon’s fitness program; platoon averaged 240 points on the physical fitness test, far exceeding the US Army standard score of 180
  • Assessed training needs and evaluated training effectiveness of platoon; assisted in the development of innovative teaching techniques and conducted professional development seminars
  • Directly responsible for the security and maintenance of living quarters for 50 soldiers; ensured all soldiers quality of life needs were sufficiently met
  • Analyzed violations of organizational code of conduct and administered disciplinary actions in accordance with published regulations
  • Recipient of the Bronze Star recognizing exemplary performance and leadership in a combat environment

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