NCOER Bullets Training

Trains for readiness and the unexpected

Eager to share knowledge and experience; key to his
section’s 100 persent operational readiness

Developed and implemented a special PT program with
100 percent success

Constantly teaches soldiers

Proficient trainer

Trained and conditioned six soldiers who failed the APFT
to pass within four weeks

Encouraged a positive training environment by promoting

Recognized by Battalion Commander for excellence during
Expert Field Medic Badge training

Established a flawless NBC defense plan during operation
Desert Shield

Unit Training NCO; obtained 27 schooll slots for soldier;
to date no one lacks military education

Deployed on first aircraft to Desert Shield; provided indepth
NBC and battle field training upon arrival

Best trainer in the company; always assigned the most difficult
classes to teach

Expert knowledge and insight were vital during critical
field training exercises

Taught five common tasks to 98 soldiers; result 100 percent
go on annual CTT

As Master Fitness Trainer increased soldier pass rate on
APFT from 87 to 99 percent

Trained students to exceed normal standards

Quickly identifies and developes plan to overcome training

Coached and mentored 8 Recruiters in all aspects of their

Willingly shares his knowledge and insight

Excellent attention to detail brought outstanding results for
training areas

Established a Platoon NCOPD program that became the
Company standard

Demonstrates the the ability to bring out the best effort of
his soldiers during training

Devoted his total attention to soldier development

His platoon exceeded all Brigade standards during NTC

Excelled in Tank Table 8 gunnery training his platoon
achieved a 93% first time go rate; best in the Brigade

Trained platoon to achieve 100% first time go rate on M16
and hand grenade qualification

Trained platoon to consistently exceed 90% first time go
rate in all trianing related areas

Directly influenced AIT company in receiving 98% on end
of course APFT

Enforces teamwork and a positive training enviroment

Directly contributed to Platoon receiving Brigade
Commander’s streamer for training excellence

Qualified 50 out of 50 with assigned weapons

Conducted NCODP for company on administrative and
financial actions

Demonstrates the patience and the ability to articulate clearly
so all soldiers understand the trianing event

Effectively rescheduled hundreds of soldiers for make-up
training with outstanding results

Thorough in resourcing and delivery of training objectives

Conducted physical fitness program within his squad; APFT
average score of 267, best in the company

As unit HAZMAT instructor, doubled the number of qualified
qualified handlers

Established common task training program that resulted in
100% first time go on CTT

Effectively ensures training standards are met

Best Master Driver instructor in company

Experienced trainer; excellent with individuals or groups

Consistently seeks ways to enhance and improve company

Developed and implemented a training program for AOAP

Stresses safety first during all training events

Planned, organized and implimented a diet and nutrition
program for overweight soldiers

Dynamic teaching skills; motivates soldiers to excel in training

Conducted numerous M16 ranges for the battalion; earned
recognition for achieving 90 percent qualification rate

Team player who trains students to achieve their maximum

Platoon readiness excellence; CTT, marksmanship, drivers
training, APFT all 100 percent

Inspires teamwork and a winning professional attitude

Training management excellence; students were always well
informed and prepared for training

Enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated to provide every
soldier with quality training

Motivated trainer and mentor; personally prepares and trains
his soldiers for soldier, NCO and promotion boards

Instilled the desire to put forth the maximum effort; motivated
his NCOs to take on tough missions and win

Doubled the BNCOC training capacity to support the surge
in SSG promotions

Unmatched capacity for training soldiers

Designed and implemented a company Soldier Handbook
which greatly enhanced the company’s success at NTC

Refined and developed training strategies which enhanced the
quality of sqaud level training

Motivated trainer who sets high standards; trains soldiers
until standards are met

Tactical and technical proficiency exceed that of his peers;
Excellent, result-oriented trainer

Rescued a sub-standard weight control program that resulted
in a increase of APFT scores

An instrumental part of the planning and execution of the
company STX lane training

Trained platoon to maintain technical and tactical

Trained each squad member to fire expert qualification with

Trained soldiers to function as a cohesive, highly functional

Aggressively challenges soldiers to perform to their potential
through creative and inovative ways

Ensured soldiers were properly trained and prepared for war

Always prepared to give training

Trained her platoon in Night Land Navigation Cse; result
100% first time go

Conducted numerous small arms ranges qualifying over
1,000 soldiers

Flawlessly coordinated training and make-up training

Kept his SGT’s informed of changes to training and policies
governing the conduct of training

Team player; assisted other Platoons in accomplishing
their mission and training objectives

Computerized trainong, operational and administrative

Developed plan to prepare unit NCO’s for in processing,
integration and training of newly assigned soldiers

Shared knowledge of operations and administration; enhanced
performance of subordinates

His platoon recognized as instrumental in the successful
defense of the unit’s perimeter during NTC, repelling three
OPFOR attacks

Instilled soldier’s to learn with his enthusiasm and knowledge
of training subjects

Successfully completes training with superior results

Received commendable rating during an evaluation of SGT’s
Time training by the I Corps IG office

Mission focused; received Army Achievement Medal for duty
related tasks

Excellent hands on trainer

Ensures soldiers are trained on CTT

Ensures soldiers are qualified on all assigned weapons and
crew-served weapons

Platoon’s training success key to earning four of five training

Shared knowledge and experience which was valued by
junior officers and NCOs alike

His contributions directly contributed to the highest ever
platoon APFT average in Battalion

Outstanding teacher and coach

Fosused on mission oriented training

Trained soldiers an NCO’s to understand training objectives

Developed junior NCOs by assigning them additional areas
of responsibility

Her skills, knowledge and experience make her a quality

Qualified expert on assigned weapon

Earned 1st place overall for Battalion M4 Shoot-out

His leadership resulted in a highly trained and motivated team
during CMTC rotation

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