NCOER Bullets Responsibility & Accountability

Directly responsible for brining the company in compliance
with all OSHA, HAZMAT and safety regulations

His safety enforcement resulted in accident free training

Practiced conservation of supplies and funds which resulted
in commendable supply inspections

Voluntarily conducted observations to assist fellow AIT
instructors to achieve Senior Instructor status

Constantly maintained his training aids to standard between
AIT classes

Maintained accountability and maintenance of over
$6,000,000 worth of facilities and equipment

Always concerned with safety

Thrifty with all expendable supplies

Safety oriented during all phases of training

Received commendable ratings for physical security during
Brigade Command Inspection

Instilled safety consciousness, responsibility and integrity
in soldiers

Creates a climate that encourages soldiers to excel and
meet every challenge

Sacrificed personal time to brief soldiers on career
enhancement opportunities in today’s Army

Stands up for and does what is right

His emphasis on safety resulted in 286 accident-free days

Maintained 100% accountability of all assigned equipment

Initiated unit recycling program which eliminated waste

Accepts responsibility not only for himself but for
subordinates as well

Exercised responsibility for maintenance and accountability
of facilities and equipment

Inspires and enforces growth and excellence; 65 percent
of his platoon enrolled in college

Managed resources in a highly efficient manner

Teaches soldiers the importance of individual responsibility

Sustained 95 percent operational readiness rate for platoon

Safety briefings resulted in no training accidents

Constantly trained subordinates to accept more responsibility

Consistently accomplishes more in less time with fewer soldiers
and resources

Personally responsible for unit’s excellent safety record

Does what is right; always

A leader that ensures all property is properly accounted
for at all times

Easily managed a budget in excess of $900,000

Enforces strict procedures for operations of field training
exercises to ensure safety and no loss of time for soldiers

Accepts responsibility for his actions and the actions
of his soldiers

Stressed safety first; trained with zero accidents

Key to company receiving Brigade recognition for safety

Practiced supply economy which resulted in conservation
of much needed funds

His emphasis on safety resulted in his squad members being
awarded the Driver’s badge

Implemented policies which significantly reduced the number
of injuries within his platoon

Always maintains personal equipment in a high state of

Constantly seeks and accepts additional responsibilities

His emphasis on driver safety resulted in 294,545 miles of accident
free vehicle operation for his platoon

Encouraged career progression which resulted in all assigned
soldiers enrolled in continued education

Ensured assigned equipment always is serviceable and
maintained for mission readiness

Stressed career development for his soldiers

Takes responsibility for good, bad, right, and wrong

Delegates responsibility effectively to subordinates

No loss of property during three training exercises and one
NTC rotation

Puts forth maximum effort; thrives on responsibility

Hard working; dedicated NCO

Readily accepted responsibility for failure and gives attention
of success to subordinates

Is willing to accept ultimate responsibility

Responsible and accountable; a very dependable NCO

Wise, efficient and prudent manager of resources

Promoted soldier’s development through innovative educational

Demands high standards for maintenance of military property

Continues to seek and accept responsibility

Suffered no injuries within his squad during 2 NTC rotations

Instilled safety consciousness and responsibility in soldiers

Earned a commendable rating for key control during
Brigade command inspection

Strongly enforced all safety policies and regulations

Developed and implemented Fabric and Canvas repair at
DS level; resulting in tremendous budget savings

Maintained a accident free 24 month period

In the absence of guidance, always made sound and
timely decisions

Made risk assessment an integral part of training

Gained 100% accountability within 30 days of assuming
a job vacated by a NCO relieved for fraud, waste and abuse

Encouraged squad members to enroll in Army correspondence

Maintained team equipment and readiness

Conceived and developed database procedures adopted
by the entire Brigade

Displayed prudent and economical use of funds

Took a special interest in soldiers’ family issues

Encourages the best from his soldiers; all his soldiers enrolled
in courses for higher education

His platoon maintained accident free year

Created a climate which soldiers yearned to learn and grow

Maintained thorough accountability of unit’s Class IX budget;
eliminated waste

Helps soldiers develop skills through timely advise, guidance
and counseling

Established and maintained high standards for barracks

Constantly implements changes to improve unit operations

Takes responsibility for his actions no matter the circumstance

Actively encourages off duty education and professional
growth in subordinates

Conducts all quality assurance inspections off Air Mobile
equipment prior to deployment

Constantly improves maintenance procedures to ensure
optimum mission readiness

Obtained equipment and developed the first known standard
within DOD for reclaiming refrigerants

Led the way; ensured all assigned vehicles were always
mission ready

Inspires growth and advancement in subordinates

Ensures all equipment is on hand and serviceable

Encourages subordinates to continue their formal education
for advancement

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