NCOER Bullets Leadership

A true mission oriented leader

Performed leadership duties in a decisive and positive manner
with exceptional results

Actively leads AIT soldiers physical development and trains
to excel in common Task Skills

Demanded the best training environment for soldiers; accepted
nothing less than quality results

Led PT failures to 90 percent first time go on APFT

Committed to providing the best quality of life and training
for soldiers

Consistently leads from the front in training

Led platoon to highest APFT average in Battalion

Leads by example; doesn’t misuse authority

Selected by commander to perform high profile and difficult

Selected for 1SG position over other SFC(P)

Outstanding motivator of soldiers; gets superior results

Displays a genuine concern for soldiers

Motivated his soldiers to perform to the best of their ability as
individuals and as a squad

Demonstrated sincere care for soldiers by inspiring and
developing performance through counseling

Influenced soldiers to accomplish all assigned mission

Accomplished the harder right instead of the easier wrong

Always places mission first

Led platoon to Distinguished Marksmanship Platoon honors
during annual battalion shooting competition

Effectively led and inspired sub-standard soldiers to willingly
perform to Army standards

Selected as Drill Sergeant of the Cycle

A role model and mentor for other drill sergeants

Performed duties as First Sergeant; obtained excellent

Knowledge, experience and military bearing make him a role
model NCO

Inspired three soldiers to compete and win Post NCO of
the month

Always put soldiers needs first

Mission accomplishment, care of soldiers and leading
by example are his priorities

Solid leader, genuinely cares for soldiers; motivates them
to accomplish all missions

Set stringent, achievable standards for his soldiers

Set leadership standard for peers; selected as platoon

Provides one on one training to soldiers exhibiting difficulty

Earned the Army Commendation Medal for his Soldier

Performed duties as acting First Sergeant flawlessly

Out front leader; puts forth the effort to ensure mission

Earned the respect and admiration of his entire platoon and peers

Selected to serve as unit 1SG during highly successful NTC
rotation; received commendable comments from O/C’s

Coached and motivated 4 soldier to win Soldier/NCO boards
and 1 PLDC Honor Graduate

Conducted professional development for 19 NCO’s

Takes charge; a real leader

Always contributes 110 percent to team effort

Achieved 100 percent enrollment in continued education courses
within his section

An exceptional leader, manager and organizer

Provides outstanding results in stressful leadership situations

Fosters high morale and a total winning attitude and spirit

A real leader, gives 110 percent; demands soldiers’ best and
looks out for their needs

Demonstrated outstanding leadership skills as team chief

Self sacrificing; a real team player

Gives loyalty and leadership support to the chain of command

Meets challenges head on; displays courage, conviction and
professionalism daily

Lives by the leadership attributes of be, know, do

Trained soldiers to perform as a cohesive team

Motivates others to achieve or exceed unit goals

Motivated her section to perform to the best of their abilities

Set high standards for conduct and performance

Motivated soldiers to take on tough missions and achieve

Sets the example for leadership; not only within his platoon,
but the entire unit

Cares for soldiers; benefited both them and unit

Exemplifies initiative, leadership and devotion to duty

Leading by example has stimulated individual growth and

Sacrificed personal goals to ensure unit’s mission

Led soldiers to attain the highest APFT average in Battalion

Unparalleled ability to motivate soldiers

Outstanding leader; implemented several training programs
within the company

Led and inspired marginal soldiers to willingly perform
and be successful

Routinely sought by other NCO’s for advice and guidance

Developed soldiers through positive counseling, coaching, and

His devotion to duty is always evident

Inspires self-improvement in subordinates

Demonstrates sound and mature judgment

Committed to providing the best quality of life for soldiers

Outstanding motivator of soldiers; inspired platoon to consistently
exceed standards

Mentored one soldier to become I Corp PLDC honor graduate

Instilled a mission-first attitude; motivates entire unit to do the

Inspired unit to consistently exceed training standards

Always placed mission first; unquestionable devotion to duty

Sought perfection; accomplished all duties with great accuracy
and timeliness

Sets high standards and promotes excellence

Displays genuine concern for soldiers

Outstanding as a squad leader; an E-6 position

Directly responsible for supervising the unit’s orderly room
; received commendable rating during Cl

Carefully and objectively assessed problems through sound
decision making process

Instilled a sense of pride in soldiers

Demonstrated a can do attitude above and beyond his peers

Led this unit to exceeds standards for operations during
Brigade Command Inspection

Performed duties as acting First Sergeant

Devoted after hours to resolving soldier problems

Displayed a strong concern for soldiers; effectively assisted
in solving their problems though counseling

Treats soldiers firm but in a manner that instills esprit de corps
and the will to succeed

Superior leadership qualities; leads by example

Received impact AAM for leadership excellence during
Post CSM’s retirement review

Placed mission first; totally devoted to duty

Led platoon to achieve a 100% first time go on M16

Constantly stressed mission and readiness

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