NCOER bullets Fitness & Military Bearing

Presented a professional, soldierly appearance at all times

Motivated, enthusiastic NCO who took lead in organized
physical fitness training of all soldiers

Scored 300 on last APFT

Excellent runner, ran two miles in 12 minutes

Excellent physical condition; led advanced PT during physical

Platoon achieved 100% first time pass rate on APFT for two
consecutive testing cycles

Motivated platoon to improve PT average by 30 points

Excellent mental and physical abilities; displayed strong stamina

Projected excellent military bearing and appearance

Projected confidence and enthusiasm when assisting soldiers

Instilled confidence and pride in soldiers through mentor ship

Motivated platoon to achieve 100% first time go rate on

Appearance and military bearing were flawless

Excellent physical abilities and bearing

Inspired self-improvement in subordinates through sterling
personal example

Supported all commander’s cup sports events

Her mental toughness and bearing were beyond reproach

Projected self-confidence, authority and enthusiasm

Confident and mentally tough NCO

Impeccable military bearing

Motivated, enthusiastic NCO; took lead in unit fitness training

Possesses the stamina and will to continue when others stop

Demands and enforces high standards of his soldier’s

Demonstrated stamina and will to survive at JRTC

Consistently displays a positive mental attitude

Remains calm and poised under pressure

Maintains his military bearing at all times

Confident and mentally sharp NCO

Won PT award for highest PT score in ANCOC

Well disciplined soldier; displayed the utmost in bearing
and appearance

Developed a demanding PT program for his platoon

Physically fit soldier with strong stamina

Mentally tough; able to manage numerous tasks at one time

Maintained a positive attitude and deep pride in mission

Designed platoon PT program; now used as company

Selected as USAEUR athlete of the year

Mentally quick and resourceful

Dignified in presence and appearance

Successfully completed the Army Air Assault School

Established Brigade Physical fitness Program; improving unit

Consistently displayed a positive attitude and high level
of confidence

Exceeds all standards of physical fitness

Responsible for subordinates fitness, led squad to a 280
APFT average

Confident, sharp looking NCO

Trained platoon to exceed Brigade standards of fitness

Physically challenged his subordinates to exceed standards

Positive mental outlook and attitude

Possesses unparalleled bearing and presence

Outstanding role model for noncommissioned officers

Appearance always immaculate; exceptional role model
for soldiers

Never backs down from a challenge

Excellent role model in bearing and appearance

Excellent mental and physical attributes

Strong stamina and will to win

Appearance and bearing above reproach

Is alert, quick and responsive

Displays impressive poise under stress

Remains flexible and cooperative under any condition

Raised platoon APFT average by 20 points

Meets height and weight requirements of AR 600-9

Scored over 280 on last two APFT’s

Master Fitness Trainer; served as unit instructor for daily

Takes extreme pride in personal appearance

Displays strong mental flexibility

Hank picked to run the Master Fitness Program for the battalion

Possesses mental and physical stamina to go the distance

Professional manner, commanding presence and dominant

Can adjust to any situation

Consistent high standards for personal appearance; enforced
those standards on NCO’s and soldiers

Obtained a passing score on his APFT

Consistently sets the example for soldiers to follow

Appearance above reproach; displays positive image for
soldiers to emulate

Unquestionable physical stamina

Functions well under stress

Exceeded APFT and unit physical standards with ease

Displays a strong sense of pride in the uniform

Presents a strong and confident demeanor

Incorporated plan which effectively raised the unit APFT score
by 20 percent

Impeccable appearance; role model standard

Sets the standard by which excellence is measured

Consistently demonstrated sound physical and mental

His mental toughness and discipline brought him to new found
physical goals

Maintained excellent physical fitness; encourages the same
standards of others

Recognized by BDE CSM for performance as Master Fitness
Trainer and instructor for the BDE’s Aquatic PT program

Mentally, physically and emotionally ready to lead in combat

Demonstrates positive mental outlook; always gives 100 percent

Displays mental toughness under extreme pressure

Performs well under pressure

Sets the example for subordinates

Disciplined in attitude, appearance, poise and authority

Always displays a commendable military appearance

Fully committed to succeed; always gives 100 percent

Assisted squad in averaging 250 on APFT score

Encourages soldiers to seek self-improvement

Bearing and appearance above reproach

Highly disciplined soldier in all aspects of bearing and

Displayed tremendous physical attributes during NTC

Promoted platoon fitness by leading by example

Displayed exemplary military appearance

Mentally and physically fit to handle any task

Physically tough and mentally strong

Always prepared to go the distance

Dedicated to fitness; motivates others to exceed standards

Great physical and mental endurance

Impressive military appearance and bearing

Bearing and appearance are exemplary

Aspiring performer; sets and achieves high standards

Recognized by Battalion Commander for being
an outstanding role model

Exceeded standards for appearance and bearing

Instills confidence and pride in soldiers through mentoring

Highly motivated; a out front leader

Motivates the unit by giving challenging physical fitness

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