Effective Military Communication (Slideshow)

Communication: The exchange of thoughts, messages, or information, as by speech, signals, or writing.

Barriers to Communication

•  Physical Barriers
•  Cultural Barriers
•  Language Differences
•  Format Errors
•  Grammar and Spelling Mistakes
Military Writing
“Effective Army writing transmits a clear message in a single, rapid reading, and is generally free of errors in grammar, mechanics, and usage.”
Seven Rules of the Army Writing Style

Rule 1:  Put your main point up front (BLUF)

Rule 2:  Write short paragraphs.  No more than one inch deep or six lines long

Rule 3:  Write short staff papers (one to two pages long)

Rule 4:  Use active voice

Rule 5:  Use short, conventional words

Rule 6:  Write short sentences (about 15 words average)

Rule 7:  Be correct, be credible, be complete

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