1.  Capitalize the first word of every sentence, including quoted sentences.


She (cap) said, “The (cap) work is finished.”


2.  Capitalize the first word of a line of poetry.


Had (cap) we but world enough, and time, This (cap) coyness, lady, were no crime.”- Andrew Marvell, “To His Coy Mistress”


3.  Capitalize words and phrases used as sentences.


Why?Yes (cap), indeed.>Of (cap) course.


4.  Capitalize the first word of a formal question or statement following a colon.


He asked several questions: (colon) “Where (cap) are you going?” “What (cap) will you do?” “What (cap) is your goal?”I offered a word of advice: (colon) “Read (cap)only the best books.”


5.  Capitalize the first word of each item in a formal outline.


I.  Sports (cap) taught this semester.


A.  Swimming (cap)


B.  Softball (cap)

6.  Capitalize the first and last and all other important words in a title.


The (cap) Naked (cap) and the Dead (cap)


7.  Capitalize the first and last word in the salutation and the first word of the complimentary close of a letter.


Salutation:  My (cap) dearest Son (cap),Close:  Very (cap) truly yours,


8.  Capitalize proper nouns and proper adjectives. A proper noun is the name of a particular person place or thing. A proper adjective is an adjective derived from a proper noun, i.e., American from America.


EskimoEnglishJapaneseLouisa May Alcott


9.  Capitalize specific places. This includes geographic directions when they refer to a specific area, but not points of the compass.


AlabamaJapanAtlantic OceanMissouri RiverRoom 219The Todd BuildingFairmountParkthe Old Southeast


10.  Capitalize specific organizations.


Warrant Officer Career CenterUnited NationsWarsaw PactRed CrossAce TireCompany


11.  Capitalize the days of the week, months, and holidays, but not the seasons.


MondayOctoberVeteran’s DayFourth of Julyfall


12.  Capitalize religious names.


AllahGodthe Virginthe Biblethe Lord


13.  Capitalize historical events, periods, and documents.


Total Warrant Officer Studythe ConstitutionBattle of Gettysburgthe Middle Ages


14.  Capitalize the names of educational institutions, departments, specific courses, classes of students, and specific academic degrees. This does not mean to capitalize academic disciplines such as mathematics (except as they are proper adjectives like French).


Warrant Officer Candidate SchoolWashboard CollegeJunior ClassBiology 101M.Ed.


15.  Capitalize the names of flags, emblems, and school colors.


Eagle RisingOld GloryBronze StarGreen and Gold


16.  Capitalize the names of stars and planets.

Earththe North Starthe Big DipperJupiter


17.  Capitalize the names of ships, trains, aircraft, and spacecraft

ApacheTitanicthe Crescent ExpressCity of Los AngelesEnterprise


18.  Capitalize the initials which are used in acronyms.



19.  Capitalize personifications.

Mother NatureOld Man Winterthe face of Death


20.  Capitalize titles preceding a name.

Professor Jane MeltonChief Justice BurgerReverend Beliveau


21.  Capitalize the interjection “Oh” and the pronoun “I.”

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