Advanced Leaders Course Common Core (DL)

The ALC-CC (DL) is a self-paced and challenging course designed to provide Sergeants and Staff Sergeants with an opportunity to acquire the leader technical and tactical Values, Attributes, Skills, and Actions (VASA) needed to lead a squad-size unit. Students must satisfactorily complete (graduate) all phases before granting them credit for the course.

The ALC CC DL is a 90-day course taught in the Blackboard Academic Suite delivery system. It employs asynchronous instruction using an Individualized, Self-Paced Instruction (IP) method with Course Milestones and facilitated by certified instructors.

ALC CC DL consists of four modules made up of 30 individual lessons. Students must complete all lesson material. Lessons include practical exercises, quizzes, threaded discussions and exams.


Each module has an end of module examination. The examinations are built into the Blackboard system in a lesson folder. Students must answer the questions using resources provided within the lessons and obtain a minimum score of 70 percent on each lesson. Students achieving less than 70 percent after the second examination attempt will face dismissal for failure to meet course standards.

Prerequisites. Students enrolled in ALC CC DL must meet the following eligibility criteria:

a. Six months minimum remaining in service after graduation.

b. Selected by appropriate promotion authority

c. Staff Sergeant or Sergeant (Sergeant First Class as applicable)

d. Qualified in their MOS

e. Meet requirements outlined in AR 350-1, TRADOC Reg 350-10 and TRADOC Reg 350-18

f. Successfully completed WLC or equivalent

Course Overview. To achieve course graduation requirements students must take Examination 1 through Examination 4 and score at least 70 percent on each exam. Only one retest per module is permitted.

a. E301, Examination 1

b. E302, Examination 2

c. E303, Examination 3

d. E304, Examination 4

NOTE: Upon completion of the ALC CC DL, a DA Form 87 (Certificate of Training) is electronically issued from ATRRS (Army Training Requirements and Resources System) to students. If students do not have additional phases for training in their MOS, a DA Form 1059 (Service School Academic Evaluation Report) will be issued indicating the student has successfully completed ALC CC DL. The DA Form 87 does not constitute completion of the course. ALC CC course graduates must complete subsequent phases (if applicable by MOS) to become an ALC graduate.

Standards. You must meet all class timelines and complete all course material by the end date of the class. All training content taught is subject for use as a threaded discussion topic to ensure instruction is effective and efficient. Students must complete all lesson practical exercises. Students must cooperate and contribute in order to receive full credit for all threaded discussions assigned by the facilitator. Students must post an initial response to each threaded discussion and respond to at least one other student or to the facilitator.

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