Welcome to the Write Like a Leader (WLL) Chrome Extension

Write Like a Leader improves your writing. You can correct style, spelling and grammar issues everywhere you write online.

Follow these simple steps to get started:


The WLL logo will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of any text area where you’re writing.



As you begin typing, WLL immediately finds possible grammar, spelling and style mistakes, and improvements.

Each will appear with a colored underline. The color reflects the category of issue.

The WLL icon will change to show the total number of suggestions.


Hovering over a suggestion will cause it to highlight and a pop-up message will show. The message will explain the possible error and offer a replacement where possible.

  • Clicking on the suggested replacement will replace the highlighted text with the suggestion.
  • Clicking ‘Disable’ to permanently disable a rule.
  • Clicking ‘Ignore’ will clear the highlight in that instance only.
  • Double click any word in your text to see contextual thesaurus suggestions.


WLL contains a customized U.S. Army term base. Any recognized acronyms or out-dated terms will show a green underline.

  1. Hovering over an acronym will show the possible definitions of the acronym.
  2. Hovering over an out-dated term will show the latest version and allow you to change it.


Learn while you write. Click the  icon in the pop-up to show additional information and contextual learning about the grammar, style or spelling issue.